Code checker configuration

Each code checker may be customized to ones needs. Usually the default rulesets of most checkers result in very many violations, when combined in metacheck resulting in many duplications. So it's probably better to tune the various configs to get smaller sets of violations without duplicates. For each checker it's different: jcsc and checkstyle have a rule file, pmd has a rule file inside it's jar, cpd has a parameter config, qjpro and revjava are gui tools and need manual intervention.


As metacheck writes its results in xml and uses xsl stylesheets and css stylesheets for styling of the generated pages it should be easy to change lay-out of the generated pages to your house-style. Get the source distribution of metacheck, modify the stylesheets as desired, build metacheck and your done.

Extending Metacheck

Not all code checkers are supported by metacheck, however the setup of metacheck is such that creating a new stylist should be easy. For an experienced java developer a few hours might be sufficient to add support for a new code checking tool.